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All the images in the Botanical and Pilot series

are available as Giclee prints in sizes to order.


Prices based on Giclee print size, shipping included


 8" by 10"      $75   

11' by 15"     $150

15" by 20.5"  $250

22" by 30"     $500

30" by 41"     $750


These prices are examples for prints on achival paper,

prices for prints on canvas and for other sizes by request


Giclee (jheeklay): This is a French word that means a spray

or spurt of liquid.  It is probably derived from the verb, gicler 

meaning to squirt.  A giclee print connotes a new elevation in

print making technology.  Images are generated from high

resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks

on various substrates including canvas and fine art papers.  

Because these prints are digitally generated, they can be

reproduced to almost any size.   This process provides better

color accuracy than any other means of reproduction.


Giclee prints are produced using professional quality 8 - 12 

color ink jet printers such as those produced by Epson, 

McDermid, and Hewlett-Packard.  These technologically

advanced printers are capable of producing incredibly 

detailed prints that closely replicate the origional paintings.

They have deep saturated colors and retain a beautiful

painterly quality with minute detail and subtle tints and blends. They have been specifically developed for the rigorously pricise

criteria of fine artists, art collectors, and connoiseurs of museum quality prints on archival materials in limited additions signed by

the artist.


Giclee prints are sometimes mistakenly reffered to as Iris prints

which are 4 color inkjet prints from a printer pioneered in the late

1970s by Iris Graphics.